University: Year Two

Projects done during my second year of university.

Train Station


This project was inspired by Manchester Victoria train station, as I really liked the style of an old fashioned train station, so I decided to model the station as it may have looked in the 1940s.


This was a 12 week project, and the first experience I had using Vray. I found it difficult at first, and a lot of the time was spent figuring out how to get the best render settings, however I didn't manage to get the best results, and still had flickering in the shot, however I did learn a lot during this process, such as the light and the render passes available in Vray. This project was also the first time I properly used Mari, and I liked how much control it gave me using masks and layers.

Fruit Machine


This was for one of the compositing modules I did in second year. Although I had not had much experience with compositing, I enjoyed doing this project.


The majority of the project involved paint outs of posters and lights, as well as a cushion in the last shot which the actor landed on.  I also manipulated the barrels of the fruit machine to turn and all show the same picture. I would like to have improved the final shot so the coins integrated properly into the shot, however for the short as a whole I was pleased with the final result.

Cuckoo Clock


This was my first project in my second year in University. This project gave me the opportunity to get properly to grips with the software available to me, which I found to be a valuble experience, and now I am able to achieve better results due to practicing with the software early on.


I modelled the majority of the clock in Maya, and sculpted the branches and bird in zBrush. I textured in 3D Coat as this was software I was already familiar with for texturing. It was lit using portal lights, which are available in MentalRay, which I also render the shot in. When rendering, I rendered out numerous render passes which I then used to enhance the shot in Nuke.